Bedwetting is also known as enuresis. Hereditary is one of the prime reasons for this condition. It is one inheritance you do not want to be part of. One should not be embarrassed about this condition as you are not alone; many kids are being treated for the same that puzzling parents on how to stop bedwetting. It is a temporary phase, wherein girls and boys are equally affected. Drinking too much water before bed time or laziness is not the cause of bedwetting. So, how to stop bed wetting?

Common causes for bedwetting are:

– Runs in family

– Deep sleep

– Trouble in waking up

– Slow development of the central nervous system, useful for bladder control

– Hormonal imbalance

– Irregularities in urethral valves in boys or in the urethra in girls or boys

– Problems with spinal cord

– Small bladder

A normal age for the child to achieve bladder control is around six to seven. Trying to treat the child for bedwetting at that age can be disastrous. Every child is an individual with his or her own capabilities. Hence the time taken to attain bladder control may differ from child to child. If bedwetting continues after the ages of eight or nine, then it becomes a problem.

Some Remedies

Studies have shown that babies who are breast fed for longer periods i.e. more than three month are likely to have better control over their bladder.

Do not react, as it is beyond your child’s control, praising or punishing your child does not help.

Make arrangements for the child to change the sheets by himself/herself. You can keep the necessary clothing’s next to the bed for him/her to change, this helps in the process of making him/her confident.

If need be, use bedwetting alarm. These alarm helps to register in child’s mind, the importance of going to the bathroom when need be. These alarms are very sensitive to moisture, making it the apt tool to detect wet bed. You can buy these new age alarms anywhere in the market.

Have proper sleep because lack of sleep is another reason for bedwetting – now you know how to stop bedwetting.

Calcium and magnesium supplements control bladder spasms, vitamin A helps in normal functioning of the bladder, zinc improves bladder function as well as the immune system

St. Johns Wort, Plantain, Cornsilk and Parsley taken three hours before hitting the sack can help in preventing bedwetting problem. These herbs help the urinary tract muscles that control the bladder. This may be a long process, so be patient.

Along with the use of these remedies, there is immense need for family support. Parent’s patience and love would surely help the child get through this condition.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on how to stop bed wetting the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility of how to stop bedwetting lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.


While looking into search patterns I stumbled upon the fact that parents to be or other people that has an interest in list of baby boy names and list of baby girl names are divided into to major groups. Nothing special about the fact that people belongs to different groups but this one shows a trend that has been gaining strength for the last 5-10 years.

On one side we have the parents that are searching for phrases like “list of baby boy names“, “list of baby girl names“, “top 100 baby names”, “top ten baby names”, “popular baby names” etc. All of these phrases have in common that the surfer is looking for what everyone else is naming their baby.

Now don’t get me wrong… There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to call your baby a commonly used list of baby boy names and list of baby girl names. There can many reasons for wanting to name your baby boy or baby girl the same name as most other kids. A reason could be that you want the baby to be socially accepted when he or she grows up and starts playing with other children.

Another reason would be that it might be easier for the baby to get called in for a job interview and maybe even get the job. It can be a tradition in the family to name the babies the name that ranks number 1 in the previous year.

There can be a lot of reasons for naming a baby after the majority of the babies born in that time period. This is not the part that got my attention.

What got my attention was that on the other side there is a similar large group of parents that is looking for the exact opposite. They are searching for phrases like “list of baby boy names“, “list of baby girl names“, “unusual baby names”, odd baby names”, unique baby names” etc.

Again the reasons for wanting an unusual list of baby boy names and list of baby girl names can be many and I can only guess what they might be but from what is happening in society I think that some of the most obvious reasons are these:

You want to show the outside world that your baby is something special. By giving your child a name that only a few people carry then you have made them special. They now have a list of baby boy names and list of baby girl names that will (probably) be easier for other people to remember because of the fact that they haven’t heard the name before.

A second reason can be that it has become a trend to name you child a unique name. Over the years this trend has been increasing and like with the common list of baby boy names and list of baby girl names a special name can now apply status as well. not forgetting the meaning of the names, baby boy names with meaning and girls names and meanings.

Why people are divided into these categories no one knows. There is naturally still the third category left and that are the ones searching for neutral baby names. It is hard to say anything specific about these search patterns but it is a fact that they exist and there is nothing right or wrong no matter what category you might fall into when new parents search for list of baby boy names and list of baby girl names.

Celebrities are not like everyday people. They have busy schedules, drive expensive cars, and wear jewelry that others can only dream of owning. Maybe it is because celebrities are so far removed from normal life that they often give their babies unusual names – The Celebrity Baby Names.

Some names are just a little different. John Travolta and Kelly Preston have two beautiful children. Their daughter’s name is Ella Bleu. Their son’s name is Jett. Jett is different, but anyone who knows anything about John Travolta knows he has a love for flying. Gwyneth Paltrow, pregnant again, came under scrutiny for naming her first child Apple. While it is unusual, it is somewhat cute, like in the “apple of their eye.” Chris Martin, her husband, tired of the controversy over the name Apple, has jokingly stated their second child, whether male or female, will be named Banana. Another cute name is Dandelion, the name of Keith Richards’ daughter. Julie Roberts recently gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl – and received flack over the names she chose. She received almost as much grief over the choice for her daughter’s name, Hazel, as she did the more eccentric choice of Phinnaeus for her son.

Many people speculated what Madonna would name her first child. Lourdes Maria seems a fitting name for child who’s mother’s name is Madonna, but she often goes by Lola. Her son is named Rocco, which sounds a bit like a cartoon character, but at least it is a tough sounding name. Actor Casey Affleck and fiancé Summer Phoenix recently had a son named Indiana August, which leads one to wonder what state and month their son was conceived in. Toni Braxton has two sons, Denim and Diezel. While both useful products, they make somewhat strange names for children. Rob Marrow decided it would be cute if he named his daughter Tu Simone Ayer, calling her Tu Morrow. Wonder if she will think it is cute 20 years from now? Actor Jason Lee named his son Pilot Inspektor, but magician Penn Jillette may have topped them all. He named his daughter, Moxie Crimefighter, saying “because when she’s pulled over for speeding she can say, `But officer, we’re on the same side, my middle name is CrimeFighter.”‘

If you think it is a new trend, think again. Back in 1971, David Bowie and his then wife Angela decided to name their son Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones. He soon became known as Zowie Bowie. Cher named her children Chastity Sun and Elijah Blue. New parents tend to search for list of baby boy names and list of baby girl names before baby is born.

The Phoenix family is well known for their unusual choice of baby names. Summer Phoenix’s siblings are the late actor River Phoenix, actresses Rain and Liberty Phoenix and actor Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin felt his name was so out of place with his siblings, that when he was four, he decided to change his name to Leaf. By the early 1990’s, he had reverted back to using his birth name. Another family infamous for their choices of baby names is the Zappa family. Frank’s children are Dweezil, Moon Unit, Ahmed Emuukha Rodan and Diva Muffin. While many people think that Dweezil is his given name, his birth name was originally Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa because the hospital refused to register the name Dweezil. Always called Dweezil, when he was a child, he wanted to make the name official and his parents took him to have it changed legally. Paula Yates, former wife of Sir Bob Geldof and girlfriend of late rocker Michael Hutchence, also had a knack for giving her children unusual names. Among her brood are Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa, Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily, and Little Pixie.

Some celebrity choose their baby boy names with meaning or baby girls names and meanings that make sense if you know the story behind them. Eurythmic’s Dave Stewart named his son Django after jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Stevie Wonder named his son Mandla Kadjaly Carl Stevland, however Mandla means “powerful” in Zulu and Kadjaly means “born from God” in Swahili. Helen Hunt just gave birth to a baby girl she named Makena’lei Gordon. The name Makena’lei is from a friend’s dream and means “many flowers of heaven.” Gordon, an unlikely girl’s name, was to honor of Helen’s father, television director Gordon Hunt. Nicolas Cage just named his new baby boy Kal-el. Because Nicolas took his stage name of Cage from comic book character Luke Cage, he decided to name his son Kal-el after one of his favorite comic book heroes. Kal-el is Superman’s kryptonian name.

So, do the children like these unconventional names given them by their parents? In some cases, they do. The Phoenix’s seem to love their nature-inspired names and the Zappa children seem to have had no ill effects from their eccentric names. However, some children tire of the peculiar names quickly. Zowie Bowie had had enough of his moniker by the time he was 12 and asked to be referred to as “Joey.” Although Dandelion Richards does not seem too bad, she has since started referring to herself as Angela. Recently, Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof has been the most outspoken about the odd choice her parents made in naming her. She has been quoted as saying, “I hate ridiculous names. My weird name has haunted me all my life.”

While having an unusual name might be difficult for any child, the celebrity of a child’s parents may enhance it even further. Thankfully, celebrity children who decide they don’t like their given names can switch to a nickname or even eventually have their names legally changed as Celebrity Baby Names.

One of the most important decisions you will make once you find you are pregnant is that of picking the perfect baby boy names with meaning or baby girls names and meanings. Everyone has their own idea of what a great name is, sometimes it is as simple as whatever is currently fashionable as per the top 10 names for the country in the year that the baby is born, sometimes it’s a family name that honors a favorite relative, and sometimes it’s just a name that the mother (or father) really likes.

The baby name chosen will occasionally carry certain cultural significance. This happens often in the case of popular baby boy names with meaning or baby girls names and meanings as they are fashionable for a certain period of time and then the trend changes and so you can put babies with those names into a certain decade. Television, and to a lesser extent movies, can influence these trends as certain television shows have characters with names which are “different” and which parents like so this is added to the list of potential baby names. There are exceptions to this however, as there are some baby names which are timeless and have been handed down generation to generation throughout the family.

Whether or not to choose the celebrity baby names before the baby is born is a matter for personal preference. There are parents who decide what their baby’s name will be from the moment they have the pregnancy confirmed – and in some cases, they know what baby boy names with meaning they will choose before they are even pregnant or choose a baby girls names and meanings! Then there are other parents who wait until the baby is born before naming it. Sometimes this is because they can’t agree on a name, or because they haven’t found one they like, or sometimes just because they want to wait to see how the baby looks before naming it.

Once the baby is born, there’s still time to pick the perfect baby boy names with meaning or baby girls names and meanings for your baby. Even if the name was decided months before the birth, it’s possible that having seen the baby, the name will change. When you see your baby for the first time, and hold it in your arms, you may decide that the name chosen doesn’t seem to fit with the baby you are looking at. Maybe the baby has more delicate features than the robust name chosen suggests, or vice versa. It’s also possible that there was someone instrumental in bringing the baby into the world that you want to honor by naming your baby after them – and this won’t be known until after the birth occurs.

Take time to choose the perfect name for your baby boy names with meaning or baby girls names and meanings, and don’t be afraid to change your mind at the last minute if you feel it’s not quite appropriate, after all the baby is going to wear that name a long time!

A bed wetting alarm is a very effective device to use when helping children overcome nocturnal enuresis. Bedwetting is very embarrassing to children and if not handled sensitively, it can have psychological effects, such as making them feel ashamed of fearful. Alarms for bed wetting help to treat the problem rather than just mask the symptoms to make it appear as if the bed-wetting problem has been resolved. A bedwetting alarm is a device to be used along with another method of treatment. Parents should be aware that this device on its own will not cure bed wetting.

A bedwetting alarm is a moisture detection system, which is worn with underpants designed for moisture. These can be the pull-ups as advertised on TV for children of all ages or regular underpants. If you use regular underpants with the bed wetting alarm, you should have liners on the mattress because it does take some time before these alarms start to work. You should not expect a miracle to occur the very first night your child wears the bedwetting alarm. There are many different kinds of bedwetting alarms so it’s important to choose the one that is right for your child.

There are signs that will tell you if a bedwetting alarm will be good for you. First and foremost is the price. This must fit within your budget and of course it must be comfortable for the child. Most of the bedwetting alarms have some method of attaching them to the nightclothes, preferably the underpants. You should carefully inspect it to make sure that there are no sharp edges which will dig into the child and prevent him/her from getting a good night’s sleep. If the bedwetting alarm is not comfortable, it will not be effective.

Bedwetting alarms use batteries as power, so there won’t be any wires in which your child can become entangled. You do need to make sure that the replacement batteries are a reasonable price and keep a stock of them on hand. Once the sensor on the bed wetting alarm does detect moisture it will emit a sound to wake the child. You do have to experiment with the sound to make sure that it will wake the child without waking up anyone else in the house, if that is what you want. Once the alarm goes off and the child gets up to the bathroom, a bedwetting alarm needs to be reset. Therefore you will probably have to teach the child to reset this or tell him/her to wake you so that you can do it for him/her.

Another factor you have to take into consideration when using a baby bed wetting alarm is the level of moisture that you want it to detect. If you set it too low, even sweating during the night might set the alarm off and if you set it too high, then the child might have actually wet the bed before it goes off. You need a bedwetting alarm that will not slip out of place as your child tosses and turns during the night. Bedwetting alarms also have to be durable so that if the child drops them, they do not break easily. A bed wetting alarm must be loud enough to wake the child or it will not be effective.