Choosing a Baby Monitor

Choosing a baby monitor can be complex due to the large number of products available. It is especially complicated for the first-time parent, since it isn’t obvious what to look for in terms of features, and what pitfalls to avoid. In this article, and our corresponding review of baby monitor, we have attempted to share our findings and learning.

Price is one of the clear differences between the baby monitors on the market. While low-cost options are abundant, our tests show dramatic and very pragmatic differences between low-cost baby monitors and higher-end monitors. Choosing a baby monitor have to identify the key differences exist in the ability to receive a clear signal over distance and through walls, as well as the ability to avoid interference from the neighbors monitors and your other wireless devices. More subtle differences exist in features such as sound sensitivity. Be sure you look for this site for genuine products.

Choosing a baby monitor is not straight forward task, but we tested those units listed in our shop here with highest rated baby monitors, do feel free to browse our wide selection of products and read our post on Baby Monitor Reviews.