Head-up Displays For Cars

The Head-up Display (HUD) a safety device that is only in some cars and should be in all cars, instead of drivers looking down at the dashboard. The speed, temperature and any warning is projected out through the windscreen and across the bonnet. The driver can look through it and still see the road ahead and other traffic or animals or pedestrians coming to cross the road ahead. With the cost of electronic hardware falling, as shown by low-cost GPS devices, there is no reason why low-cost head-up displays cannot be manufactured and installed in all cars, vans, trucks and buses. The message is safety first.

Why does it take the Governments so long to get the message, after decades of use in military fighter jets, helicopters and transporters the case for making it law is compelling and needs action to encourage wider usage by all drivers. Governments show accident films on TV to discourage drink driving, but seem to be missing the point about car HUD. Since anything that helps keep the driver more awake and aware must reduce accidents.

Maybe it’s the cost of training drivers or getting them to pay more for their cars is seen as a vote looser and therefore the Governments are reluctant to enforce the use of HUDs in as many cars as possible. Drivers wearing glasses or contacts can still see through the projected HUD display and there is no reflection. The projected beam can sense light changes and adjust to meet different conditions and enhance drivers vision and safety.